As humanity evolves and expands, resources must be provided to keep pace with its growth. Precursor answers this call by facilitating humanity’s expansion to other planetary bodies, to decentralize space exploration, and to cultivate life on other planets. This will allow our species to unite, learn, and grow sustainably while prompting stewardship of all life in space.


Precursor’s mission is to provide sustainable, safe, interactive, and inclusive technological solutions that are honed to empower, grow, and sustain our species beyond Earth. In carrying out our mission, we dedicate ourselves to cultivating profitability, interaction, entertainment, and ingenuity for our customers, shareholders, and employees.




In this new age of space exploration and the growth of the private space industry, we understand the barriers to entry for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on this exponentially growing field can be extremely high. Large companies such as Space-X and Blue Origin are helping slash costs through reusable launch vehicles and other technologies, the initial momentum needed for small to medium sized space ventures to be successful is still high. 

Thus, Precursor’s focus is twofold: First, we develop your space ventures concepts through ideation, visualization, and space systems design. Second, we connect you to other ventures, financial supporters, and the public and so you can join together, share resources, and gain the interests of many. We have developed our business to support and grow ideas throughout all stages of development. Whether you are just starting out with an idea yet to be put on paper, or you are in the final stages with technology ready to launch; we have helped many clients at all levels. As it was In the previous great age of sailing; the success of establishing humanities foothold in this new and perilous environment will require collaboration and unity. By receiving expert design counsel, utilizing emerging and advanced technologies, and uniting with one another, we can overcome the great hurdles that limit us to a single planet species. 

While we recognize that the development of an idea is not linear and is fluid in nature, our services are broken into segments that correspond to your concepts stage of development. Many of our specific solutions, techniques, and technologies can be implemented throughout multiple stages; it has been our experience that several of our solutions are more effective during specific development stages over others. The particulars of our services are our outlined below.


Before we commit to a new project, we must always understand your wishes and the expectations, timeline, and costs you have in mind. In this initial exploratory phase, we discuss with you, in depth, the goals you want to achieve and the milestones for deliverables along the way in order to assess the best way we can help grow your idea. We make a point to not oversell ourselves; if there is something beyond the scope of our capabilities, we will make it known and connect you with someone who can fill in any gaps that we cannot.

Sample Deliverables:
– Work Statement / Work Order
– Quote for Services


The start of any good idea often comes down to visualization and communication of that idea for yourself and others. We have found that many great ideas like yours are waiting to be realized but have been trapped in thought and have yet to be visualized. In this critical stage, we help pull your ideas out of the mind and onto paper so that they may better be realized and shared. With stunning and dynamic diagrams, infographics, renders, and roadmaps, we are experts in presenting complex ideas in digestible, simple presentations for you to share both inside and outside your company.

Sample Deliverables:
– Infographics & Diagrams
– 3d Renders
– Video Animations
– Initial 3d CAD Models


Perhaps the most critical stage; the R&D phase of development is paramount in discovering the viability of your idea via the scientific process. Market research, technological readiness assessment, business approach, and cost assessment are all a part of what we do in this phase to ensure your idea becomes reality. With realism as our guide, we can help identify major hurdles that might limit your success as well as help roadmap project timelines and management for the following phases of your development. Our team has experience abound in the area of scientific research, and rest assured that we carry out our scientific duty honestly and professionally in order to ensure your ideas viability.

Sample Deliverables:
– Technical Reports
– Viability Assesment
– Roadmap / Timeline Charts
– Market Reseach Reports
– Cost / Business Assesments


We admit, this is probably our favorite phase of development and the one in which we have the most collective experience. This is were the rubber meets the road. In this phase, we help design, model, and simulate your concepts through powerful CAD software. This also tends to be the lengthiest phase of development as we iterate your ideas though Design Analysis Cycles (DAC) time and time again to drive out the most efficient design of your idea. By the end of this phase, your concept will be ready for its first prototype (if applicable) and begin physical testing. Our team has built multiple “mockups”, of varying fidelities and at varying scales. We are not fabricators, manufacturers, or production engineers, but we do have the capability to build prototypes that advance you to the next stage. We utilize cutting-edge technologies, including Virtual Reality (VR) during our DAC cycles to help cut costs of physical builds and save you from expensive design alterations later down the road.

Sample Deliverables:
– Technical Drawings
– CAD Models
– Static Simulation Analysis
– VR Simulations / Videos
– Digital & Physical Mockups


The final stage of development we offer is marketing solutions and inside connections to others who will take interest in your idea. Immersive media like videos and renders, website building, public media marketing, and newsletter rollout are the most requested deliverables for this stage. We might not be a marketing company, but we certainly can get eyes on your venture by engaging the public, investors, and other entrepreneurs. This exciting stage is where you get to shine in the spotlight and where the fruits of your labor can be realized by all! Whether you already have an established marketing campaign and are looking to bolster it further, or you are starting from scratch; we can help you get the attention your business needs.

Sample Deliverables:
– High Fidelity 3d Renders
– Marketing Videos
– VR Videos
– Website Design
– Industry Connections

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